Toronto Academic Appeals Lawyer

Legal actions brought by students against their college or university are based in the legal concepts of breach of contract, negligence, or breach of fiduciary duty.

Toronto Academic Appeals lawyer Christopher Stienburg can help you to get your chosen educational path back on track.

A Toronto Academic Appeals lawyer also goes by the title of Toronto Academic Discipline lawyer, or Toronto Education lawyer.

Toronto Academic Appeals Lawyer Christopher Stienburg

Both Canadian domestic and international students sue colleges and universities about academic problems ranging from allegations of plagiarism, to failure to pass a mandatory course, to rejection of a thesis, to expulsion. Such academic misconduct allegations can derail your whole future.

Because successfully obtaining the requisite degree from your chosen post-secondary institution affects your career path for the rest of your life, academic disputes and academic appeals should be taken very seriously. Hiring the right Academic Appeals lawyer like Christopher Stienburg is critical.

The Right of Students to sue Ontario Universities

If you intend to have a career in any of the professions (doctor, surgeon, nurse, anasthesiologist, pharmacist, dentist, denturist, psychologist, psychiatrist, accountant, architect, engineer, lawyer, veterinarian, social workers, and so on), obtaining the degree is paramount. No degree? No career!

Chris Stienburg was lead counsel in the Ontario Court of Appeal case, Lam v. UWO (2019 ONCA 82), a leading case on contracts between students and universities and the rights of students to sue universities in Ontario courts.

With so much riding on your future, Toronto Academic Appeals lawyer Christopher Stienburg can help you to get your academic career back on track.

Toronto Academic Appeals Cases: Act Fast

Importantly, some students wait too long to contact a Toronto Academic Appeals lawyer, hopeful that the situation will be resolved in their favour. When it comes to academic discipline issues, time is not on the student’s side.

Time is of the essence, do not wait! Waiting until one of the following has happened to contact a Toronto Academic Appeals lawyer will limit your options to try to fix the problem:

  1. You are being formally charged by the college or university with academic misconduct, or a penalty is being levied against you;
  2. The Dean (or designate) intends to refer the academic misconduct matter to the Provost (or equivalent) for a tribunal hearing;
  3. A tribunal hearing is already scheduled;
  4. A tribunal hearing has already been held and a decision against you has been made.

Contact Toronto Academic Appeals lawyer like Christopher Stienburg sooner rather than later.

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Toronto Academic Appeals - Our Services

We can help you with any of these specific Academic Appeals or Academic Discipline services: 

  • Allegations of academic dishonesty
  • Breach of contract
  • Disputes regarding degree classification
  • Dispute regarding college/university fees
  • Expulsion from the college or university following decision that a student cannot meet the needed standards of academic performance
  • Failure to pass a mandatory course
  • Negligence by faculty member(s) resulting in loss of educational opportunities
  • Program’s refusal to accommodate a student with a medical condition or disability
  • Recommended mandatory withdrawal of the student from the program (because of poor academic performance in clinicals, practicums, objective structured clinical examinations, other training elements, low GPA average, or behavioural problems)     
  • Repeated charges of academic misconduct
  • Plagiarism
  • Rejection of thesis 

Toronto Academic Appeals - The Process

There are three critical things for students involved in academic misconduct allegations or academic appeal process, to understand:

  1. Each Ontario college and university wields a lot of power when it comes to allegations of academic misconduct.In fact, each college or university has its own methodology investigating academic misconduct including rules, regulations, standards, and procedures. Sometimes, each faculty even has its own preferred way of handing both academic disputes and  academic appeals.
  2. The Canadian courts have left it up to each college and university to handle their own internal academic appeals.
  3. The provincial judicial review option is a high legal threshold, indeed. Judicial review examines whether or not a judge erred; that is, whether or not a judge made a mistake in a point of law. As such, it can get expensive.

If you are a student who has been charged with academic misconduct or student discipline, or you are facing an academic appeal, contact Toronto Academic Appeal lawyer Christopher Stienburg.

Toronto Academic Appeals - How We Can Help

On your behalf, Toronto Academic Appeals lawyer Christopher Stienburg will:

Meet all deadlines – Deadlines for preparing, submitting, and reviewing for an academic appeal are critical. We will ensure all these deadlines are met.

Prepare documents for  academic appeals – We prepare letters, documents, written and oral submissions about your case for your defence. We liaise with all college and university officials on your behalf. And, under Canadian law, you are entitled to full disclosure, meaning you have a right to know the facts of the academic misconduct case against you.

Attend the hearing – Depending on the preference of the college or university, we will either submit written material and coach you to make an oral submission for a live hearing, if required, or attend the hearing on your behalf.

The goal of Toronto Academic Appeals lawyer Christopher Stienburg is for hearing committee members to find you worthy of another chance, believe that you are sincere and your version of what happened is believable.

Client Meeting - By Phone

This is an opportunity to meet with Academic Appeals Lawyer Christopher Stienburg, ask questions, and get easy-to-understand advice and informed options with respect to your specific situation.

– For a 30-minute call, the price is $282.50 ($250 plus HST)
– For a 60-minute call, the price is $446.35 ($395 plus HST)

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