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Stienburg Law uses the most effective legal remedies in Estate Litigation, Elder Abuse, Employment Law, Personal Injury, Education and other areas including commercial and business law, real estate and professional negligence.

Stienburg Law Estate Litigation Lawyer Toronto

Toronto Estate Litigation Lawyer

Challenging a Will is sort of like preparing for a marathon: it may involve beneficiaries, guardians, executors, trustees, and Estates lawyers. Due to the passing of a loved one, emotions are typically running high. There may be difficult personalities involved as well. You want a Toronto Estate Litigation lawyer like Christopher Stienburg who will properly advise you, and understands the stress you are experiencing while challenging a Will. Learn more >

Toronto lawyer Christopher Stienburg fights elder abuse

Toronto Elder Abuse Lawyer

When you discover that your grandma has unexplained bruises or even broken bones, or that a trusted caregiver has been helping himself or herself to your dad’s bank account regularly, you will need a Toronto Elder Abuse lawyer like Christopher Stienburg to help stop the elder abuse. Learn more >

Toronto Employment Lawyer Christopher Stienburg

Toronto Employment Lawyer

Humans spend one-third of our time working. So, when we encounter problems at work such as constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal, harassment, discrimination, or human rights violations, we tend to take these problems particularly hard. They tend to keep us up at night. Toronto Employment lawyer Christopher Stienburg can help with these employment law problems. Learn more >

Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto Christopher Stienburg

Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence, have pain, need rehabilitation, are facing large medical costs, have lost income because you are unable to work and therefore cannot pay your expenses, and you worry about your future, contact experienced Toronto Personal Injury lawyer Christopher Stienburg, who can help you get the compensation you need to help get your life on track. Learn more >

Toronto Academic Appeals Lawyer Christopher Stienburg

Toronto Academic Appeals Lawyer

Academic misconduct allegations can derail your whole future. Whether you have been accused of academic dishonesty or plagiarism, or failed to pass a mandatory course, you have been expelled from college or university, or your thesis has been rejected, Toronto Academic Appeals lawyer Christopher Stienburg can help. Learn more >

Stienburg Law Civil Litigation Lawyer Toronto

Toronto Civil Litigation Lawyer

Whether you have a claim of breach of contract, a shareholder dispute, allegations of fraud, or need the legal remedy of an injunction, Toronto Civil Litigation lawyer Christopher Stienburg can help. He also handles all types of real estate disputes: boundary disputes, construction defects, title disputes, valuation disputes, warranty disputes. Stienburg Law can also help you with human rights claims as well as professional negligence claims. Learn more > 

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