About Christopher Stienburg
Toronto Civil Litigation Lawyer

Christopher Stienburg Lawyer Toronto

Christopher is the founder and principal of Stienburg Law. Christopher practices civil litigation and has broad and deep legal knowledge. 

As an experienced litigator, he has represented his clients in complex estates litigation, elder abuse litigation, employment law litigation, academic appeals, commercial litigation for all types of business disputes, personal injury litigation, real estate litigation, other civil litigation matters.

Experienced at all levels of court

Christopher was lead counsel in the Ontario Court of Appeal case, Lam v. UWO (2019 ONCA 82), a leading case on contracts between students and universities and the rights of students to sue universities in Ontario courts.

Christopher has represented clients at all levels of court in Ontario, including: 

He has also represented clients at various private and public tribunals, including: 

Why Christopher became a lawyer

Christopher became a lawyer because he enjoys helping others solve their problems. Everyone encounters problems in life that require a lawyer. These are often critically important problems for that person that require a thoughtful and skillful approach.

His role as a lawyer is to help others understand the law and how it applies to their circumstances. Christopher takes pride in helping others navigate the legal system and representing them in legal matters.

Christopher's path to becoming a lawyer

Christopher obtained his Bachelor of Arts in history from Western University in London, Ontario. He then enrolled in the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, a graduate school at Carleton University.

At the time, he wanted to work on international matters for the federal government in Ottawa and this academic program was the way to do that. However, he soon realized that Ottawa was not for him nor was a life in the government.

At that point, he decided to become a lawyer, working directly with the people he is serving. This way, he could have more meaningful impact in their lives.

He enrolled at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University and graduated in 2013. He was called to the bar in 2014.

Supporting our community

Christopher supports Against Malaria, often cited as one of the most effective charities in the world, Youth Without Shelter, another highly cost-effective charity that helps young people escape homelessness, and Animal Charity Evaluators Top Charities, because animals need love, too.

Outside of the office, Christopher likes to read, run, do CrossFit training, and above all, spend time with family and friends.

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